E Markie Art

Bozeman, Montana

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please email me at info@emarkieart.com. Thanks!


How are your prints made?

First, the original piece of art is professionally scanned in and turned into a digital format right here in Bozeman. All of the prints are created using the giclee process. Basically that means special paper and ink are used specifically made for fine art prints. This process ensures they last a very long time and resist fading. The fine art paper is a thick slightly textured paper that really makes the art pop.

What is the best way to display fine art prints?

Fine art prints are perfect for framing. Many of the sizes available will slip right into a standard frame size. Matting around the image could also be a nice way to tie a print in with an existing theme in a room, or to help draw out certain colors within the art. For print sizes that are not standard frame sizes, there are many online frame shops with very affordable non-standard frame sizes. Most of the prints are bled through completely to the edges. That way they will look good either alone in a frame or with matting. For any questions on framing, feel free to email me at info@emarkieart.com or send a note through the “Contact” tab.

What is the best way to display original E Markie Art paintings?

All original paintings are 1.5” thick and the painting extends around all edges. This way you can simply just hang the painting and have a finished look. Hanging hardware is installed on all original paintings. The other option is to place the painting in a floating canvas style of frame. This gives the painting an amazing complete look. You can find dozens of options for floating frames, or I can build one for you upon request, with options for sizing and colors and overall style to match the painting. Floating frames are great because they can be designed to still expose the artwork on the edges, and really make the painting pop.

Do you do custom pieces or commission work?

Absolutely! If you have an idea for a painting, or maybe a photo of a fish you would like me to base a painting on, let’s do it! The first step would be to reach out via email at info@emarkieart or through the “Contact” tab at the top of the page. From there, I can come up with a series of rough idea sketches. Once we start honing in on the overall size, style and feel for the piece, a final detailed colored pencil sketch will be passed along for approval. At that point, cost can be determined and agreed upon. Time to complete can vary based on current commissions, size of piece, and level of detail. For most mid sized paintings, I can work within your time needs. Rough estimates on price can be discussed early in the process so we can make something work that hopefully meets and exceeds your expectations. Artwork can make for great one-of-a-kind birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, or maybe just something for yourself.

Do you accept returns? Or what if I made a mistake during the ordering process?

Ultimately I want everyone to be completely happy with what they receive from me. It is often hard to fully display quality and style of artwork online, and if you receive something that was not what you were expecting, let me know! So yes absolutely we can accept returns within 30 days of purchase date.

Will you donate a painting or participate in a fundraiser for a certain group or cause?

Yes! That is one of my favorite parts of starting E Markie Art, is being able to meet and work with different groups that have worthy causes supporting healthy ecosystems regarding water and fish habitat. It has been my small way to start to give back to these great rivers, streams, lakes and oceans that have shaped my passions and life. That being said, art takes lots of time and effort to create! I have to be a bit selective based on time availability and cost to me when choosing who to partner with. Please reach out via email at info@emarkieart.com or through the “Contact” tab at the top of this page to discuss possible partnerships further.